R.L. Stine aims to give adults 'Goosebumps'

October 9, 2012

(CNN) -- He's terrified millions of children with his books, from "Welcome to the Dead House" to "Planet of the Lawn Gnomes." But R.L. Stine isn't ready to let his audience grow up in peace.

With the 20th anniversary of his popular "Goosebumps" series comes Stine's adult horror novel "Red Rain." The book follows travel writer Lea Sutter into the middle of a devastating hurricane and out again with a pair of evil twins who will wreak their own kind of devastation on her family.

Stine isn't the first young-adult author to venture into adult fiction. J.K. Rowling recently released a novel titled "The Casual Vacancy" that sold 157,000 hardcover copies in its first week of publication, according to Nielsen BookScan. Beloved "Sweet Valley" creator Francine Pascal has also moved into the adult world with her characters; Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield grew up in "Sweet Valley Confidential" and started their 30s in this summer's novella e-series "The Sweet Life."

"Red Rain" isn't even the first adult book Stine has written. In 2000, he released a novel called "Superstitious" about a professor named Liam O'Connor who is the most superstitious man in the world, for good reason. Stine's publishers expected a best-seller, but book sales were mediocre for an author with such a big reputation.

"It was too early to do an adult novel. No one asked about it. ... I've been waiting by the phone for 12 years," Stine joked.

This time, his fans are ready. They've been hounding Stine on Twitter -- he has almost 60,000 followers -- asking him to write a book for them.

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